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Cultural Awareness & Self-Efficacy


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Full course description

Course Description

All humans grapple with the same question: Why do we suffer? All religious and ethical world views struggle to provide meaningful answers to this age-old question. Literature, art, and popular culture provide examples of the way we humans have tried to make sense of senseless suffering. This course provides resources and exploration on how major religious and ethical traditions have dealt with this question, and how contemporary practitioners answer it today.

In times of crisis, we are often asked to console others in our personal and professional lives. Do religious traditions have anything meaningful to say in the face of death and crisis? How does an inter-religious worldview help us engage these questions?

As leaders in professional organizations, how can awareness of cultural and religious differences help us accommodate our teams with skill and empathy?

This course will also support participants in creating for themselves a personal response that seems faithful, ethical, reasonable, and can help facilitate meaningful interactions with others, even in the face of suffering and grief.    


  • Lesson 1: Emotional Intelligence & Support
  • Lesson 2: The Value of Peacemaking
  • Lesson 3: Collaborating Through Culture

Course Overview

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This course is part of the Interfaith Understanding Certificate