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Religions Around the World is a Course

Religions Around the World


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Full course description

Course Description

While many of us feel the world getting smaller, we also recognize that simply living side by side doesn’t ensure peace. Getting to know one another—getting to know about one another—can facilitate relationship and community building, and help us work together for lasting, positive change. This course provides concrete and inspiring knowledge about the major world’s traditions, including “spiritual but not religious” and secular humanism.

Participants will explore major tenets and practices through images, interviews, soundscapes, art, and personal reflection. Participants will also learn where to look for resources on exploring new religious and ethical ideas, and how to process new ideas in interreligious and intercultural learning. Participants will begin to build their own banks of resources and experience in the perspective-taking practice and comparative work that helps interfaith engagement thrives.


  • Lesson 1 – Abrahamic Traditions
  • Lesson 2 – Dharmic Traditions
  • Lesson 3 – A Majority of Minorities

Course Overview

2 Hours (average)
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This course is part of the Interfaith Understanding Certificate